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Skysens is a long range wide area (LPWA) RF technology , based on world known LoRa modulation technology. Although LoRA is backbone of Skysens,  modular architecture and experienced team allows Skysens to work with other promising LPWA technologies easily.

low cost

long range

long battery lıfe

Skysens Technology Enables Very Low Cost Gateways And End Nodes Compare To Other Long Range Systems

Skysens Base Station Can Work Up To 15 km (9.3 miles)

Skysens Integrated End Nodes Battery Life Can Span Up To 15 Years

Skysens products are Ready To Roll!


Lorawan Base Statıon

Skysens Base Station is easy to use,long range and uses low energy base system. With single station 100k end node can be reached

Agricultural Applications

Skysens technology is being use for soil control, crops control,livestock control,beekeeping and similar agricultural applications.

Areal Tracking Pod

With Skysens areal tracking pod, you can track vehicles in 750 km square area . Due to light weight and compact design, you can also use it for people and valuable tracking. Its battery life is 10 years

development support

With Skysens Development support service you can build your own end node applications.With this service, you can become member of Skysens business network sell your LoRaWAN applications worldwide!.

Smart Cıty Applıcatıons

Lighting control, smart energy grids, security applications,traffic flow control,parking system,air and water quality control,pest control and other similar applications are available with low cost thanks to Skysens technology.


Skysence Cloud is available  for your LoraWAN  gateways and end nodes. Also, due to compact architecture, Skysens Cloud is easily adaptable to other LPWAN technology devices.

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Your turkısh lpwa partner



Skysens is first LoRa Alliance member from Turkey and ready for localization solutions for other members of ecosystem

Lorawan coverage

Skysens has largest LoRaWAN  network coverage in Turkey so you don't need to set up your own

software support

Skysens has its own complete firmware,gateway and web service software solution  which fully compatible with other LoRaWAN hardwares

Hardware Design

Skysens designs and implements its own hardwares. With this unique ability its ready for almost any IOT problem project

custom projects

With 15 years of telemetry project experience,custom projects can easily be implemented

other lpwa technologies

Skysens uses LoRa as backbone protocol , however our hardwares and services can easily support other LPWA technologies

we have experience

core team

Emrah Mercan


Burak Polat


Emrah is CTO and hardware architect of Skysens.He has long years of experience on telemetry solutions and designs.

Burak  has product development  experience with multinational teams and big budgets. He also active member of technology startup ecosystem in Istanbul.

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Skysens is a fast growing company specialized in LoRa and LPWA technologies  in Turkey and EMEA region. For questions regarding products and services  feel free  to contact.

IdeEGE Technopark

Erzene Mah. Ankara Cad. No:172/67

Ege University Campus

Bornova / Izmir / Turkey


Harbiye Mahallesi

Cumhuriyet Caddesi

Kahan Apt. No: 40/5

Sisli / Istanbul / Turkey


Phone : +90 232 332 07 67

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Our Services

IdeEGE Technopark

Bornova / Izmir / Turkey

ARI 3 Technopark

Sarıyer / Istanbul / Turkey


Phone : +90 232 332 07 67


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Skysens is a technology company specialized on long range wide area networks (LPWA) capable of production of its own gateways , end nodes and softwares. It is the first LoRa Alliance Member from Turkey and currently it has the biggest LoraWAN coverage in the country.

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LoRa End Node Production


LoRa Network Operator


LPWA  Software Development


LPWA  Network Solutions



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