Skysens is a technology company established in 2015 strongly focused on industry-oriented wireless IoT solutions.

It aims to create an easily applicable, simplified and highperformance IoT solution for every kind of industry and the other verticals such as buildings, cities, airports, stadiums, hospitals etc.

Enabling a comprehensive and scalable end-to-end IoT solution with its own unique software, hardware, and design, Skysens has become one of the fastest growing wireless IoT companies around the world.

Skysens technology gathers the data insights from existing machines and production lines to improve business outcomes and maximize production eciency. All critical data suchas machines’ operating status, machine errors, the number of produced goods and all related notifications are monitored and delivered through a mobile application immediately.

Skysens’s powerful and easily useable technology is applicable to various areas. Energy or water consumption metering on a building, asset tracking on an airport, air quality monitoring in a hospital, smart parking management in a city is possible with Skysens’s plug and play modules in minutes.

In 2017, Skysens became the ocial IoT network infrastructure provider in Istanbul Airport, one of the biggest airport in the world, making the airport “the first and only airport built with an IoT infrastructure of the world. Besides being a part of many global projects, Skysens technologies have been used in various projects in more than 15 countries around the world.

Skysens has offices in Istanbul and Izmir and has been seed invested in November 2017 by ACT Venture Capital (www.act-vc.com) and rapidly expanding its operation all around the world aiming for a smarter world.




Smart Energy Grid Monitoring

Asset Tracking

Smart Water Grid Monitoring

Smart Hospital Monitoring

Beehive Monitoring

Smart Industry 4.0 Transformation

Cold Chain Monitoring

Agriculture & Food Processing

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Skysens HQ
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Beyoğlu / Istanbul / Turkey
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Skysens Engineering
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Mercan Konteynır Park No:172/70K 35100
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