Besides offering the best and the most agile solution for industrial areas, Skysens technology can be used in many different areas aiming 360-degree monitoring on every kind of assets.


Skysens offers you a wireless IoT network especially designed for factories and production facilities with the best agility. By creating its state-of-art network infrastructure essential for Industry 4.0, it provides full remote control and monitor ability on the machinery.

Skysens serves your machinery’s crucial data instantly such as operation status, errors, energy consumption, temperature and motion change by its easy-to-install devices. It generates alarms in case of any undesired changes happen on the machinery and creates customizable reports according to your needs.

With MODBUS integration, limitless data related to machine’s performance such as production count, operation faults, malfunctions, fault causes can be analyzed in order to minimize production and energy loses before any accident happens.


Skysens monitors energy consumption remotely in any areas such as factories, villages, towns, shopping centers, worker camps etc.

Even low voltage transformers and power lines inside or outside the cities are partially monitored through traditional systems like SCADA. Skysens technology allows you to monitor with much more frequency and traceability, giving increased quality of service and eciency from the source to end-customer.

Skysens mainly focuses on remote energy metering, power quality monitoring, and equipment monitoring and its technology is completely integrable to any other third party applications. It can easily integrate to existing energy monitoring infrastructure like SCADA or central management software.


Skysens transforms cities into smart cities with its low-cost and long-range technology. This can be controlled and monitored remotely with various functions such as smart parking management, smart city lighting, environmental measurements, smart waste management, energy monitoring etc.

With end-to-end smart city IoT infrastructure which can be extended with every kind of low-bandwidth sensor, a city can be fully controlled by city administrators with Skysens technology.

Being highly capable of integrating with any third-party application, Skysens allows you to use your existing IoT systems in the widest and easiest way.


Skysens provides you mobile or fixed solutions aiming to maximize your business eciency in areas such as warehouses or transportation. A wide range of products provides various functions and application areas to enhances your controllability on your business.

For instance, you can track and monitor your assets in the construction area or airport on a map, trace your fleet or shipment moment by moment or monitor your warehouses’ and coolers’ temperature in the supermarkets.

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