Beyond its ability at producing a special
technology meeting the needs of industries and other
business areas, Skysens develops unique devices in
order to provide ease-of-use to the customers. It provides
micro level monitoring on specific process or production
level with low power wide area network capabilities.


Skysens Modules

Skysens Gateway

Sky Server



Skysens has unique capabilities on industrial IoT space. It has multiple layers starting from physical interaction up to integrated decision making layer based on data. With Skysens technology, industrials can directly monitor different levels and integrate this data to multiple platforms.


Smart data means better connectivity, better security and better Industrial IoT.

Current Industrial IoT systems are mainly focused on multiple control levels with high bandwith low latency I/O structures. Even though this systems proved to be reliable and fast, they are too expensive and too complex to deploy on the field.For today’s ever-changing manufacturing landscape, these systems are usually over engineered since the main need is generally to monitor conditions in certain time periods.

Also connecting those systems to the Internet proves hard and vulnerable to security breaches. Since the backbone of these systems were developed decades ago, users need additional security layers to existing infrastructures.

Turning this old industrial control network into state of art IoT networks is not an easy task costing too much time and money.

Skysens technology allows field levels to be directly controlled by top levels with all the cloud computing skills such as business intelligence, machine learning tools, analytical tools and AI.


Sky App

Full Control at Single Screen

SkyApp makes possible to easily track and monitor all your devices in a single screen.With its user-friendly interface, SkyApp can show you all the data and its reports based on energy consumption, temperature, humidity, vibration etc. gathered from machines. Instant alarms are generated if machines exceed the predefined values.

Skysens Modules

Skysensend-devices provide a wide range of application with their robust, plug&play and agile design.

Microedge Capability

Every Skysens device has a micro edge processing capability on the firmware level which makes every Skysens end device smart and mission specific.

Machine-Independent Connectivity

Skysens modules connect to any industrial machinery through MODBUS RTU interface and have the ability to calculate machine current parameters. This capability adds Skysens IoT network additional security, capacity, and robustness.

Agile Micro-End Modules

Skysens devices have multiple connection ports such as RS485, RS232, Analog, and Digital I/Os, unique 4 wire socket system for additional probes.

In addition to ports, Skysens devices have 7 different embedded chipset depending on project requirements such as accelerometer, temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, ambient light, magnetometer, air quality, GPS.

Skysens Modules Types

End Devices

SKYCLD1 Cold Chain Sensor
SKYENV1 Indoor Environment Sensor
SKYENV1 Outdoor Environment Sensor
SKYAGR1 Soil Temperature and Moisture
SKTAG1    Smart Tag
SKTAG1    GPS Tracker
SKYMOT1 Motion Sensor Outdoor / Indoor

SKYENR1 Optical Port Reader For Metering
SKYIND1 Digital Analog Signal Bridge
SKYIND1 Pulse Reader
SKYCTY1Street Light Controller

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Skysens Wireless Industrial IoT

LoRaWAN but not “LoRaWAN”

Besides being totally compatible with the global LoRaWAN protocol, Skysens network technology has additional algorithms and layers to increase the quality of service, robustness, and security.

Global but Industry Ready Network

With its optional 256-bit security layer Skysens provides financial-grade security and priorities messaging for mission-critical infrastructure.

Agile & Expandable Network

Sky Server’s one instance can support thousands of device simultaneously and wireless network can manage thousands of devices simultaneously with broadcast messaging.


Skysens uses state-of-art security measures with globally accepted certification and encryption protocols via 3 layers 128 bit AES encryption to avoid wireless communication security breaches.

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